What are Chargers For Wedding

During formal occasions such as catered events, weddings, luxury parties, banquets, or fine dining establishments, a charger is a big, beautiful base setting on top of which additional tableware is put. Chargers for weddings, also known as service plates, under plates, or chop plates, are purely ornamental and are not intended to come into close contact with food. Charger plates are a stylish method to serve several course dinners, with each dish presented in its own bowl or plate and set on top of the charger. Wedding chargers are offered world wholesale.

How to Use a Wedding Charger

If you’re unfamiliar with the notion of charger plates, you may want to learn how to use one properly. Follow the steps below to use a charger plate correctly:

Locate a charger for a wedding Choose a charger plate that will compliment the design of your dinner table and provide visual appeal to the overall ambiance of your gathering. Consider the plates, bowls, drinking glasses, flatware, serving platters, and linens you want to use, and then choose a charger to balance those types. Don’t forget about the tablecloth, fabric overlays, flower arrangements, and centerpieces that will go right next to the charger plates.

Set the table at each guest’s place setting, and put a charger. Place it on top of the tablecloth or placemat, between the flatware, and underneath the drinking glasses. Chargers should be two feet apart to provide visitors some elbow space.

Align menu cards, napkins with napkin rings, or name cards in the center of the charger plate for usage before the dinner service.

Serve your visitors: When guests are ready to be served, soup bowls, salad plates, and dinner entrees are put right on top of the charger.  Clean your charger plate to preserve the purity of the table, charger plates should be wiped clean or changed after each meal. World Wholesale is a wholesale distributor of vape, electronic shops, and dispensary supplies. Wedding chargers are offered at world wholesale.

Applications Chargers  for Weddings

  • A charger for wedding beauty does not have to be limited to only carrying a dinner plate. Here are some more applications for your chargers:
  • Use charger plates as a tray or platter to carry around small snacks or sweets, but be sure to cover them with a doily or linen napkin when they come into contact with food.
  • To make a beautiful centerpiece, group pillar candles together.
  • To create a vibrant basis, place flower centerpieces on top of chargers.
  • Charger plates are a vital element of bringing a table together, whether you’re hosting a formal gathering, catering a wedding, or arranging a reunion. Whatever formal occasion you’re organizing, the information above may help you follow appropriate charger plate use, etiquette, and presentation.


There are various possibilities when looking for a charger for weddings with the best and most efficient materials and a more comprehensive performance range. World Wholesale sells chargers for weddings online. Take your time when selecting world wholesale chargers for weddings suitable for where you want to utilize them since this is critical to their durability.

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