Conference Travel Funding

There is a small fund for limited support to students presenting papers at refereed conferences for second and third year DDes students. Requests will be considered twice per year, in November, and April at meetings of the DDes council. Requests should be submitted to the Program Administrator.

Until students have passed their general examination and prospectus exam, they are not eligible to apply for conference funding.

While the merit of requests is always taken into consideration, preference will be given to those students who have not received prior funding. If additional funding remains after first-time awards are granted, requests for repeat funding will be decided on a case-by-case basis and support is therefore not guaranteed.

Exams and Prospectus

Please review the Guidelines for the General Exam and the Guidelines for the Prospectus.  If you are planning an exam, visit  to book a room. If you need assistance, please contact Liz. Additionally, please message Liz with the relevant details (date, title, attending faculty). She will create a form for you to have signed by the faculty.





Margaret Moore de Chicojay
Program Administrator

Liz Thorstenson
Program Coordinator

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