The Finance Office assists in processing new gifts and grants to GSD. Like other Harvard schools, GSD is dependent on gifts and grants, and has a fiduciary responsibility to the donors and sponsors to spend funds in accordance with the fund terms, which requires that monies be carefully tracked in Harvard's fund accounting system.

Contact the Finance Office or the Development Office if you have questions regarding the categorization of new income to the GSD.

Gift and Endowment Funds

Most gift and endowment fundraising is done by the GSD Development Office, working with the e (RSO).


Design Studio and Program Support

福建体彩网-足球比分网Most external financial support for GSD Design Studios, Exhibitions, and other Programs is processed as gifts. In order to document and monitor these funds, GSD has created the following forms.


(OSP) processes all sponsored research grants.  For information about the grant submission process, please contact, Anne Mathew, Director of Research Administration (617) 496-1774.

GSD Research Administration

   – Review requirements regarding sponsored research proposals

Grant Rates

Grants typically have an indirect cost line item in the budget to cover administrative expenses. The link below provides information and current rates for federal grants. For these purposes, GSD is part of the University area. Non-federal indirect cost rates are a minimum of 20% on non-federal grants.

福建体彩网-足球比分网The fringe benefit rate schedule in the link below applies to all GSD grants, both federal and non-federal.

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