The M.Arch I program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design is a degree accredited by the National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB). All programs of this type must be evaluated periodically to ensure that they are adhering to the standards set out in . The GSD was last visited by NAAB in 2018, a process that granted the M.Arch I program a continuation of its accreditation until 2026. At the time, program was subject to the  that were in effect in 2018.

福建体彩网-足球比分网To promote transparency in the process of accreditation in architecture education, the architecture program is required to make the following accreditation-related documents electronically available to the public:

  • The most recent (2017) presented by the department to NAAB prior to its 2018 team visit.
  • The final edition of the .
  • The most recent , accrediting the M.Arch I program.

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