For Students Entering Fall 2017

16 units required courses

  • 4 units SES-5204     Real Estate Development and Finance
  • 4 units SES-5431*    Form + Finance: The Design of Real Estate
  • 4 units SES-5405*   Global Leadership in Real Estate and Design
  • 4 units SES-5103**  Public & Private Development
  • 4 units SES-5434**  Creating Real Estate Ventures: a Legal Perspective
  • 4 units SES-5495      Market Analysis and Urban Economics

*5405 and 5431 are offered in alternate academic years. Students may choose between 5405 and 5431 to fulfill one of the course requirements.

福建体彩网-足球比分网**Students may choose between 5103 and 5434 to fulfill one of the course requirements.

28–32 units of elective courses (see suggestions below, total dependent upon chosen track)

In the second semester, students will elect which track to follow to complete the program:

3 Semester Track: Qualifying Paper – Total 48 units

  • 16 units Electives or remaining requirements
  • Qualifying Paper (Guidelines available here)

4 Semester Track: Open Projects – Total 56 units


  • 12 units Electives or remaining requirements
  • 4 units ADV-9306 Open Projects I


  • 8 units ADV-9307 Open Projects II

Suggested Electives for Real Estate and the Built Environment

5206  Land Use and Environmental Law
5212  Field Studies in Real Estate
5275  Advanced Real Estate Development and Finance
5276  Real Estate Enterprises, Entrepreneurship and Leadership
5304  Transportation Planning and Development
5326  Housing and Urbanization in the United States
5330  Healthy Places
5364  Sustainable Real Estate
5370  Environment, Economics, and Enterprise
5405  Global Leadership in Real Estate and Design
5490  Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing Development, Finance, and Management
5502  Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Developing World
福建体彩网-足球比分网 9127   Real Estate and City Making in China

Courses of interest outside the GSD:

Kennedy School of Government
API-141 Finance
API-148 Advanced Risk Management and Infrastructure Finance
API-164 Energy Policy Analysis
SUP-601 Urban Politics, Planning, and Development

1130 Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism
1164 Innovating in Energy
1485 Building Cities: Infrastructure and Sustainability

福建体彩网-足球比分网 11.432 Real Estate Capital Markets