For a complete list of important dates throughout the year, please refer to the GSD Academic Calendar.



  • Mid-March: Harvard ID number and instructions for obtaining HarvardKey sent out
  • March 30:
  • Late March/Early April: Information regarding Harvard emails sent out




  • June 14:
    • Immunization Forms due
    • Architecture Core Prep registration deadline


  • July 1: Deadline for all students with international degrees (except Canadian degrees) to submit documents to WES.
  • July 8: Start of English for Design
  • Mid-July: Fall term bill sent by email
  • July 27: Earliest date international students can enter US on new student visa.
  • July 31: Student Health Insurance Waiver Deadline


  • August 1:
    • Final transcripts due
    • MUP software portfolio due
  • Mid-August: Fall tuition due
  • August 12-23:
    • Arch Core Prep Workshop
    • MAUD/MLAUD Pre-Term Workshop
  • August 15: Prerequisite final transcripts due
  • August 19-23:
    • MLA Pre-Term Workshop
    • MDE Pre-Term Workshop
    • MUP Pre-Term Workshop

August 26: Start of Orientation


  • September 3: First day of classes/Course registration opens

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